How to Stay Active & Get Rest

So your healthcare provider tells you to "stay active" and then in the same breath of air tells you to "get plenty of rest."

Well, what's it gonna be, Doc? You want me off my feet or hitting the gym?

Here's some clarification. 

When you're up, be up. Try not to worry about everything you need to get done and go for a brisk walk or do some exercise to get that heart rate up. Prioritizing your activity first will help other things fall into place easily. Exercise will give you more energy to do those other things. You can consult with your provider to decide if you should restrict your activity in any way. Otherwise, spend time every day being active. Chase a toddler, go out of your way to climb up some stairs, take a swim, do some squats, stretch. Staying active during your peak hours also has a proven correlation to a better labor and delivery and a shorter recovery period.

Also, staying active will help you sleep better. Which brings me to point numero 2: when you're down, be down. Set a bedtime for yourself (and a naptime if you need to). Prepare for bed by doing quiet, calming things. Tell yourself that there is a time to worry about all of the things, and that time is not right now. Read, get a massage, do yoga. Whatever it is, make a healthy sleep routine a priority. If you're getting enough rest by respecting your sleep schedule, you'll find that it's easier to stay active during your peak hours. And on the cycle goes. 

Surprisingly simple, these easy adjustments help everyday stresses seem much more manageable.

When you're up, be up. When you're down, be down. 

Here's to finding the balance. Happy pregnancy!