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Doula training will enrich every part of your life. You will obtain the skills needed to educate and support birthing families, support your family and friends, and ground yourself in a compassionate, sustainable business practice. 

If you are interested in becoming a doula, add your name to the list. As soon as we have enough people, we will set up another training. Until then, we'll keep in touch. 

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Hint: most doulas don't travel more than 30 miles from home

If you are still paying off your tuition from the last doula workshop, please follow the link below, select whichever plan you started with and the number of payments you wish to make, and proceed to the checkout.  For example: if you chose to make 7 payments of 100 and have already made 3 payments, select "7 payments of 100" again and make as many additional payments as you like. 

If you have already filled out the information, do not worry about doing it again.

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