Doulas put the fulfillment of pregnancy and birth back in your hands, where it belongs.


Doulas Help You

Prepare for Your Birth


A doula's job is to be there for you. Whether that's from step one in the fertility clinic, or somewhere in your third trimester, we're there when you need us. Your doula will come to your home, sit with you, hear you, and help guide and prepare you for the birth you would like to have. 


Live Your Own Story


Your doula is always a phone call away. When the time comes, you can expect your doula to be with you constantly to provide emotional, physical, and educational support. Doulas are well-trained in massage, positioning, and emotional support for you and your partner. They can help you navigate anything from an unmedicated home birth to a planned c-section, and everything in between.


Feel Your Own Power

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After your birth, your doula will visit you in your home to check on your new family. You can enjoy the benefit of lactation counseling, emotional support, birth processing, and maybe even a newborn photography session. The postpartum period can be a difficult time; your doula will make sure you don't go through it alone.


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