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Initially I wasn’t sure about having a doula. Not because I didn’t believe in the ability a doula has to comfort and champion a birthing mother, but because it was my third baby and not my first rodeo. That being said, a big part of me found the thought of a doula extremely appealing. Before meeting with Rebeckah, I wasn’t sure how the doula role would fit into my particular birthing experience, however I knew shortly into our first meeting she was going to be an amazing addition to my journey.

Having Rebeckah as a doula and confidant in the time leading up to and during my labor was so amazing! She created a safe place for me to unload some fears and anxieties I was having, enabling me to move toward my delivery with more excitement and focus. When it came time to deliver my daughter, her calm, strong and reassuring presence made the time seem to move much faster than my previous deliveries. Rebeckah has an amazing ability to read the mood of those involved and adjust her approach to best reach them. When I was feeling the need to be lighthearted, she cracked witty jokes. When I couldn’t put words together to express what was happening to me, her gentle questions and suggestions gave me the vocabulary I was searching for.

After my daughter arrived, one of my favorite parts of my experience with Rebeckah was meeting with her and my husband and having a dialogue about what we remembered and what our impressions were from the delivery. It was such a joy to experience all over again (minus the pain!) through the eyes of those who surrounded and support me. I cannot recommend having a doula as a part of your birth journey enough, be it your first baby, or your 50th!
— Hillary H.
During the course of my pregnancy, Rebeckah was a source of great comfort and friendship, as
well as reassurance.

When the first signs of labor became apparent, I called Rebeckah, anxious and uncertain. She came right over, helped me to gather myself, and accompanied my husband and me to the hospital. I was not admitted that night, so after spending the greater part of the evening with me, Rebeckah promised to be present when I returned to the hospital in the morning. True to her word, Rebeckah arrived at the hospital shortly after I did the next morning, and was present through my entire labor and delivery. She was an extremely calming presence, offering helpful advice and comfort, while remaining unobtrusive and respectful of the intimate nature of the experience. She even doubled as photographer when my son arrived.

After my son’s safe arrival, Rebeckah remained to ensure that my husband and I had everything that we needed; only leaving when there was nothing left for her to do. Rebeckah continued to be an important presence in my life, and that of my son’s, as she visited throughout my son’s first year.
— Julie S.
Courtney helped me welcome my little bundle of joy into the world. Courtney, I have to say, has been a huge support for me and my new family!

She took time out of her day to come and help me progress labor a few days before I had him, gave me awesome advice and awesome support.

While in active labor at the hospital she knew I wanted to try and go all natural, she worked with me through each contraction, teaching me the importance of breathing and the importance of how to breathe. Labor progressed very quickly for me and she was constantly there to help guide me through. She made sure any requests I had were there for me. She was always making sure that communication between me, my partner, and the doctor was important. I DID NOT go all natural like I wanted to, but she was there to support me with my decision to have an epidural as well as told me how proud she was that I made the decision I did. If it wasn’t for Courtney and her love for her job I don’t think my labor would have gone the way it did. She made me feel like I was important and everything about my experience was amazing!

She still till this day is checking up on me and seeing how things are going (5 days later). To me, she was a blessing to my family and I hope anyone that chooses Courtney has the same blessing I did!
— Emily N.
I had no idea that I would end up so grateful for her presence.

I called Rebeckah when I checked into the hospital around 6:00 p.m., after nearly 20 hours of labor. I was already very tired and a little nervous, but trying to stay positive. I had hopes for an unmedicated birth, and was doing my best to stay relaxed and cheerful.

The nurse assigned to me was extremely negative, constantly making comments like, “You’re not in nearly enough pain to be having a baby tonight,” and rolling her eyes when I spoke of my wishes for an unmedicated birth.

Fortunately, Rebeckah soon arrived. Rebeckah knew far more than I did about what was normal in a birth situation and in hospitals in general (I’d never been a hospital patient before). She helped me relax, and acted as an advocate for me with the negative nurse. She was encouraging and supportive of any choice I made, including my eventual decision to get an epidural, but helped make sure it was my choice, not just me giving in to pressure from the nurse. She was completely calm and able to reassure me when my body reacted strongly to the epidural and I had to be put on oxygen.

I was also very impressed with Rebeckah’s professionalism. Her smile never wavered, and never once did I doubt that she was excited for me and 100% mentally present with me all through that long night.

My daughter was born at 4:30 the next morning, after a total of 30 hours of labor. I had no idea going into my birth that I would so much need the sisterhood and calming voice that Rebeckah brought, but I will forever be grateful that she came.
— Shannon C.