Doulas complete the empowered birth experience

Our doulas

Meet Rebeckah Orton. Currently living in Kennydale, Washington, Rebeckah has recently completed training at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology. She is an experienced doula and is currently working towards official certification through DONA International and PALS. Though she is interested in attending to all kinds of birthing scenarios, she has a special interest and understanding in working with women undergoing fertility treatments and in high-risk scenarios. 
Rebeckah is a mother of two and speaks fluent Spanish. She is the owner of North Star Doula Service.

Meet Trina Williams. As a Doula, her goal is to support the birthing mother and the family as they start a new chapter in their lives. She does this by supporting their vision for their birth. She helps them feel confident and reassured both physically and emotionally by providing them with a variety of resources. She has been a Doula since December 2015. Trina trained with International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) in Portland, Oregon and Bastyr University Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations in Kenmore, Washington. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist through Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia. Trina has finished the prerequisites for nursing and is in the process of applying for Nursing School with a goal to become a Nurse-Midwife. She volunteers with Open Arms Perinatal Services in Seattle, Washington. In her leisure time she enjoys exercising, traveling and shopping.


Meet Kate Causbie. Kate currently lives in Seattle, Washington and trained to be a birth doula at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University. She loves doula work for its foundation in human-to-human support and quality of presence as a coping tool. Currently working towards PALS and DONA certifications, she is passionate about keeping doulas accessible and affordable to all women. She is dedicated to supporting couples with fertility concerns and challenges, and that the work of a doula can extend naturally and effectively into any space of strong emotion. She is also a knowledgeable resource for cycle charting and fertility awareness methods of conceiving, which can be a helpful tool and intervention in early stages of fertility awareness or struggle. Kate is also a yoga teacher, children's mindfulness educator, and photographer.

Meet Magdelana Larson. Though Magdelana’s path to becoming a Doula may seem nontraditional, she has always been committed to using her gifts to encourage and advocate.  In addition to serving in the Air Force as a helicopter pilot, she also holds a BS in Environmental Engineering, and though Doula work may not seem the most logical next step, her history has always centered around service.  Magdelana believes in empowering couples to embrace what can be an unpredictable, unnerving, and difficult time while calmly supporting them through their ‘finest hours’. She recently completed training at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University and is currently pursuing her PALS and DONA certifications.  Magdelana deeply values the importance of birth support and wants all women and their partners to have a skilled encourager at their side when they need it.

Meet Courtney Yorks. Courtney currently lives in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle Washington. She recently completed her birth doula training through Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University and holds an Associates of Arts Degree obtained at Pierce College. She is also working on her certification through DONA. Courtney is passionate about birth and protecting the birth experience for all women, In her role as a doula she is interested in attending all kinds of different births, though she is especially interested in supporting women with a desire for a non-medicated birth. She tends to take a holistic approach to life in general and that seems to translate well in her role as a doula. Courtney enjoys the outdoors, taking yoga classes, and tending to her in-home urban garden.

Meet Andrea Starbird. Andrea is a trained birth doula through the Simkin Center  Bastyr University as well as a trained Full Spectrum Doula through Metta Lineage in Portland, OR. She is actively working toward certification with both PALS and DONA. After searching for fulfilling work that brought together her interests in fertility, reproductive justice, and personal service, Andrea found the doula role. She is an ally of queer parents and families and provides support for all types of pregnancy experiences. Andrea is knowledgeable in the Fertility Awareness Method for both pregnancy achievement and avoidance and is pursuing credentialing to become a Fertility Awareness Educator. Andrea volunteers with both The CAIR Project and Full Spectrum Doulas. She lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with her husband and enjoys gardening in addition to making small-batch organic skincare products. 

Meet Rebekah Gilley. Rebekah began her doula adventures in 2014 when she realized that her passion is birth work, not office work. She is certified through Birth Arts International and is also working on PALS certification. Rebekah's goal is to educate, encourage, and empower women and families throughout their pregnancy and birth journeys. Rebekah lives in Kirkland where she enjoys walking to Lake Washington, spending time with her family, and adding to her overflowing bookshelf.