There are all kinds of doulas. Birth doulas, postpartum doulas, even death doulas. What this usually means is that, similar to a medical specialty, a doula can undergo additional training or obtain specialized experience in a specific area.

Our doulas are additionally trained to support the special families that have to work extra hard to get their babies here. 

If you are one of those parents/families, we can help you.

Fertility treatments can be immensely taxing. We can help by meeting you in your home, before you even get pregnant to help prepare you for the rigors ahead. When it's time to go to the doctor, you're already prepared. Your doula will even accompany you at the doctor's office to help you feel calm and informed. We want you to know that even though your providers and situations will change, you and your partner can have the same trained support person with you from conception to delivery. That's a new definition of full-spectrum care.

If you are considering fertility treatments and would like to learn about what a doula can do for you, let's talk