Don't Do It Alone. You Deserve Support, And Your Partner Does, Too.

Whether you are a first-timer or you're about to have number nine, there is always something a doula can give you.

  1. A reflection of your own power. Your doula is trained to help you best utilize your body mechanics to your advantage. You are capable of so much, regardless of the circumstances, and your doula will help show you that.
  2. Unconditional support for your decisions. Even if personal convictions vary, your doula is trained to help you advocate for your wishes, not anyone else's. No agendas, no politics, just your wishes. 
  3. A new trick. We are trained in a host of comfort techniques. There are too many to list here, but rest assured, from tennis balls and rebozo, to aromatherapy and TENS units, there is always something else to try. Even if you are planning an epidural or c-section you will still have needs, and your doula will be ready.
  4. Confidence. Labor and delivery can bring out one's vulnerability. You doula will know your personality and your plans in advance, so if the time comes that you start to doubt, you can be reminded of your plans and your capability.
  5. A witness. Each woman, each baby, and each birth is different. Usually, birth is uncomplicated and goes well. Sometimes problems arise and birth does not go as expected. It is natural to feel a wide range of emotions from joy, accomplishment, and pride to disappointment, frustration, or feelings of failure. Your doula will have been there with you, and will be with you afterwards to hear you as your process your birth and help to assimilate this important memory as part of your life. 

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