North Star Doula Service was founded by Rebeckah and Adam Orton. As a couple, they have been through the difficult process of fertility together and see the gaping hole left in fertility and maternity care where advocacy and support should be. They wish someone would have been there with them to help them understand their options, rights, and what was happening in their reproductive life. Now, they are making it their work to offer doula service to women and their families for the full fertility cycle - from conception to dirty diapers. 

The North Star Doula Service logo was thoughtfully created by graphic designer Vinny Frye of Bellevue, Wa. It represents a silent, constant guiding force connecting mother with child, not interfering. The north star is an ever present marker in celestial navigation, helping sailors to navigate rough seas and find the safe harbor. And that's how we feel about our doula service, and doulas in general. We help guide you through conception (if under fertility care), pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after with a reliable, quiet, guiding presence. 

Doulas are all about helping each other. We publicly thank the many friends - mothers and doulas that have shared pictures of their special moments so that we could better illustrate what we are trying to say. Here are the sources for many of the photos used on this site: